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The Sandringham Enterprise Centre Limited  Charity No. 1142804 -  A Company Limited by Guarantee in England & Wales  Company No. 7424061

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Marham Volunteer Day

Wednesday 20th October 2010


This is a public open day that was held in The Sandringham Centre at Marham. It was attended by the Enterprise team, as well as members of the community, military personnel of all ranks and visitors from partner agencies.


Part of the day was a presentation, sanctioned by all those attending, to feature some of the plans Sandringham Enterprise had put forward as a potential proposed development model for The Centre.


Below is a copy of the presentation that was running during the day - if you couldn't make it on the day you can catch up with potential developments here...

Thank you to everyone that made the Volunteer Day successful. It was great to see so many people, whether in uniform, mums and children, groups based at the Centre already and members of our wider volunteer community in the county.


To everyone who signed up to volunteer on the day, a  very big thank you.

We will be in touch with everyone shortly.